London Dry Gin — Dry, pure style originally made exclusively in London and appeared soon after the invention of the continuous still, which enabled production of a nearly pure spirit.  The high distillation strength removed unpleasant flavors found in earlier gins allowing this new form to be sold unsweetened or ‘dry’. Today a ‘London dry’ style gin may be legally produced anywhere in the world.

Jenever –Original Dutch Spirit that is the precursor to today’s gin.  Also known as Genever, Geneva and Holland’s, it retains more of the flavor of rye, barley & corn with which it is made and therefore is rightly separated into its own category.

Old Tom Gin — Sweet style of gin popular in the 18th & 19th century which masked the rough flavors of the distilled liquor of earlier, less efficient stills.

Plymouth — Plymouth Gin can only be produced in Plymouth using water from Dartmoor.  It is a light and very mixable Gin.

Xoriguer — Spanish gin that can only be made on the island of Menorca.

Note: Blue Coat is labeled as an “American Dry Gin”, which is a term that they created.  Since the gin is made in the states they do not have to follow the European laws (EU Appellation) and made up this term, which in essence is in the style of a Premium London Dry, but made in America…perfect for their motto “Assert your independence.”


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