Green Chartreuse!!!

That’s right, the GINtender will be providing you with an assortment of recipes throughout December featuring this French liqueur as the main ingredient!

According to legend, the Carthusian monks of Vauvert (near Paris) adopted an “elixir of life” concoction from one ´╗┐Francois Hannibal d’Estrees in 1605. The original recipe called for some 130 herbs, flowers and “secret ingredients”.

Over time, the Carthusian monks continued to modify the recipe and it eventually evolved into the sweet, yet potent liqueur it is today. These liqueurs are produced in Voiron, France using the herbal mixture prepared by two monks at Grande Chartreuse.
There are a variety of Chartreuse liqueurs, but the Green Chartreuse is one of the better known.

Green Chartreuse gets its herbal flavoring from 132 different plants and gets its greenish tinge from chlorophyll.

Generally speaking, Chartreuses have a very herbal flavor and run between 80-110 proof. It can be served straight (if cold) but is often present as the featured ingredient in many cocktails. In fact, some recipes call for only a few drops of Chartreuse due to its potency.

Be sure to check back with the GINtender daily to get the latest recipe and don’t be afraid to suggest a few of your own!

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