The latest edition to the Wisdom/Fruit Bat family is gearing up for its first ever event.

Holding true to its all-American roots, Church & State will play host to a Catoctin Creek Cocktail tasting (thus the Triple C).  Catoctin Creek, a small batch organic spirits distillery in Loudoun County, Virginia, will graciously supply three of its featured products for the evening.

Join us for an evening of expertly mixed Catoctin Creek cocktails, food, fun people and prizes at the sexy new Church & State, located above Fruit Bat from 6-10pm, Tuesday, March 1, 2011.  Tickets are $20.00 until February 15, when they go up to $25.00.

This is a great value considering that your ticket gets you in the door, a guided tasting of three Catoctin Creek spirits, a complementary cocktail, hors d’œuvres and a raffle ticket (prizes include bottles of booze and certificates to Wisdom/Fruit Bat).  No better way to spend a Tuesday night, right?

First on the docket is Mosby’s Spirit, an un-aged rye “white whisky” which earned itself a silver medal at the 2010 New York International Spirits Competition.  Several respected taste buds have described this mixable whisky as “heavenly.”  The GINtender flat-out agrees!

Next up is the Roundstone Rye, which is basically the aged version of Mosby’s Spirit.  According to Catoctin Creek, it is one of the only organic whiskies in the nation.  It too won a silver medal at the 2010 New York International Spirits Competition.

Last and certainly not least is the Watershed Gin.  This ‘amazingly complex’ rye- based gin is achieved through a secret recipe of organic herbs and spices.  Here at the GINtender, we really don’t care how it’s made as long as Catoctin Creek keeps on making it.


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