Lucid Absinthe

Photo by David Anthony Provost

Great news for all you absinthe lovers out there.  Wisdom will play host to a Lucid tasting and mixology class on Wednesday, April 13.  Whether you are an absinthe connoisseur or just looking to try it for the first time, this will be a great place to learn and experiment.

After over 95 years of an absinthe ban here in the United States, on March 5, 2007, Lucid was finally given the “OK” by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  It was the first genuine absinthe to become available (legally) in the U.S. since 1912.

The tasting will include one traditional absinthe serving which will follow the French method listed below and TWO unique absinthe cocktails.

French method:

  1. Pour 1.5 oz into appropriate absinthe glass
  2. Place flat absinthe spoon on top of glass
  3. Place sugar cube on top of spoon
  4. Slowly drip chilled water over sugar until cube is completely dissolved into absinthe
  5. Enjoy

So if you’re interested, sign up using the link below or check out the Gintender events calendar to see other tastings.



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