Fruit Bat introduced its new Spring menu last week and here are just a few of the refreshing concoctions available.

Photo by T. Silva

The Mexican Showdown

The Mexican Showdown is Milagro silver Tequila and blackberry liqueur infused with Habaneros.  The spicy concoction is infused for a minimum of a 7 days.  It is shaken with fresh pomegranate juice which tames the heat from the chilis and adds another layer of depth.  A sweet berry flavor followed by a slow burn.  It is offered as a shot, a cocktail (with ice & soda water) or a martini.




Photo by T. Silva


The Key Lime Pie Martini

The Key Lime Pie Martini is a creamy vegan concoction made with Vodka, Tuaca liqueur, fresh key lime juice and vanilla soymilk.  It is very smooth with a nice tart flavor that is more subtle than straight lime juice.  Nicely balanced with a silky texture…one to be savoured.




Photo by T. Silva

The Robin

The Robin uses Fruit Bat’s most popular beer-Xingu Black Beer.  We add Espresso Vodka and Kahlua Especial (which features a richer coffee flavor and extra kick than the original).  Xingu is a silky lager with sweet notes that match incredibly with coffee flavors.  The result is an exotic cocktail, one that can be enjoyed by both beer drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.








Photo by T. Silva

The Blueberry Caipirinha

The Blueberry Caipirinha is Fruit Bats current Caipirinha offering.  We always have a house Caipirinha and house Caiprowska (with Vodka as the base) on the menu.  Fresh muddle lime and cachaca infused with blueberries is the base.  In this version we add a blueberry puree and substitute agave nectar for simple syrup.  Refreshing & tropical, it is one of our most popular offerings.



Photo by T. Silva

The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean cocktail is based on a rum infusion of Pineapple and cardamom.  The fresh fruit and exotic spice mix masterfully together.  We serve this as a shot, cocktail or martini.  It is a vacation in a glass.

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