An Intro to Collins/Rickeys

Join the GINtender tonight at Wisdom as he divulges a few sexy insights in his latest Mixology class : An intro to Collins/Rickeys.  For only $30, you can learn from one of the best  and get hands-on mixing experience.  Class starts at 6:30 and is limited to twelve people to ensure that all questions get answered.  There are only a few spaces left so you’d better hurry!

Impress your friends with new cocktail-crafting skills!


**Note: $30 includes Mixology instruction and two complimentary cocktails made throughout presentation**

The GINtender Gets A Little Love

The GINtender (Erik) gives his two cents about what is to come in 2011 on the “We Love DC” website:

“I predict more and more hip cocktail spots as people start seeking niche bars that feature house specialties rather than having the same old familiar line up…I also think many more smaller niche restaurants with more creative international decor…DCites are starting to demand more!” – Erik Holzherr, owner of Wisdom, Fruit Bat, and the soon-to-be-opened Church & State.

Check out the entire story here!

Liqueur Of The Month: Bénédictine

This month, the GINtender will be experimenting with Bénédictine, an herbal liqueur which is fabled to have originated from an old Benedictine monk, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, in 1510. We will be posting new and exciting recipes daily and might even have a few original concoctions of our own that you can try at Wisdom/Fruit Bat/Church and State.

The Bénédictine that we know and love today is said to have been developed in the 19th century by one Alexandre Le Grand.

Bénédictine (around 80 proof) utilizes a secret recipe of 27 different kinds of herbs and spices and has a unique herbal flavor.  In his own words, the GINtender most accurately describes it as “liquid sexual chocolate.”

It is most commonly mixed with brandy, known as a B & B, which cuts some of the sweetness and results in a dryer drink. The Bénédictine D.O.M company also produces a product called B & B, which of course stands for Bénédictine and Brandy. Each bottle of Bénédictine has D.O.M. printed somewhere on the bottle that stands for “Deo Optimo Maximo” or “For our best, greatest God.”

Be sure to check back daily for our latest cocktail suggestions and discoveries! If you have a few unique recipes of your own, feel free to share and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Check out Bénédictine D.O.M’s website to learn more.

Church and State Soft Opening

The Church and State, the newest edition to the Wisdom, Fruit Bat family, will open later this month.  If you would like to be invited to the soft opening, subscribe to the GINtender by pressing the “subscribe” button on the right-hand side of the page.  Once an opening date has been set, we will be sure to send you an invitation via e-mail.

Hope to see you there!

Have questions?  Don’t be afraid to ask here!


Wisdom Bourbon Tasting

(Jan 18th at 7:30 p.m.)
COST: $40

Expert Mike Gross will walk us through and enlighten us on AMERICA’S SPIRIT

Featured Bourbons:



Wisdom Takes The White House

The White House... for those of you who are already confused.

After passing a behemoth health care bill, balancing two wars, and juggling some tricky financial reform, last Sunday, the Obama administration took on its biggest challenge to date as it attempted to shepherd the Wisdom staff on a tour through the West Wing of the White House.

Walrus stuck in the wall

Mounted Walrus at Old Ebbitt

In the early evening hours, Wisdom and company descended on the historic watering hole, Old Ebbitt, to quench their insatiable thirst and prepare for the night’s events. After a few drinks and some fine dining, momentarily satisfied, the group trooped out into the night to meet the sorry soul doomed to be their tour guide.

Wisdom White House Tour and Bowling

Mighty Malcolm, Wisdom's very own Trivia guru, is prepared for anything the White House or Secret Service has to throw at him with his daredevil helmet which also came along for the tour

In their excitement (and perhaps partially because of the booze), the crew realized nearly too late that one of their most important members, the Mighty Malcolm (Trivia guru), was in fact missing. After a few frantic phone calls and a fair amount of finger pointing, they were finally able to track him down at his place of residence in the H Street area.

With only 15 minutes to spare before access to the White House was closed to him (probably forever), the Mighty Malcolm jumped on his scooter, not to be deterred by the seemingly impossible, and defied natural physics as he somehow arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just as the Wisdom staff had lost all hope and was entering the grounds. Finally, the Wisdom crew was at full force.

Terry, White House Sentry

Honored Wisdom patron and fearless tour guide, Terry explains the finer points of this West Wing entrance

Wisdom-regular and fearless tour guide Terry, along with soon-to-be-regular and experienced tour guide Danny, headed up the ambitious White House effort and deftly maneuvered the group of miscreants on an extensive tour without major incident.

Wisdom White House Tour and Bowling

Above an entrance of the West Wing

The group dug down deep and everyone was on their best behavior as they combed the halls of the fully operational West Wing. Along the way, they were able to see the door to the Situation Room as well as the Oval Office. They were even able to spy HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as she passed through the Rose Garden.

Unfortunately, photographs are not permitted in this branch of the White House and, believe it or not, none of the Wisdom staff was stupid enough to try. Or at least not stupid enough to post it here.

Wisdom White House Tour and Bowling

Scott, the Mayor of Wisdom, cozies up to the podium in the White House Press Room

Next, it was on to the Press Room.

The Eisenhower Building

Then they hit up the Eisenhower Building to check out Terry’s office and eat his jolly ranchers.


Truman Bowling Alley, somewhere underneath the Eisenhower Building and the White House

Finally it was time for the night’s main event: The most competitive bowling match the White House has ever seen. It was Team Lame vs. Team Awesome and with the help of a little Sierra Nevada the heated battle began.

After a little back and forth in the early frames, Team Lame eventually broke out into a commanding lead and in the end crushed Team Awesome. (Note: Actual scores are too embarrassing to post here).

Josh, member of Team Lame, stands victorious with his score sheet in front of Nixon

Miraculously, no one was hurt or arrested and virtually no damage was done to the property. However, there were reports of technical issues on Lane 1 of the bowling alley shortly after Wisdom’s departure. (Note: For details about these allegations, consult The Mayor of Wisdom).

Wisdom White House Tour and Bowling

Back row from left: Cheese, the GINtender, Clayton, Bart; Front row from left: Sweet Vee, Josh, Emily, Brandon; Not Pictured: Scott (The Mayor of Wisdom), Mighty Malcolm (Wisdom Trivia guru)

After all was said and done, the crew returned to Wisdom for the after party.

For more photos, check out Scott’s Flickr page:

**Special thanks to Terry and Danny for making this adventure possible**

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