Hot Toddy Sundays at Wisdom

Beginning this Sunday (Dec. 16th), we’ll have all the fixings for Hot Toddies at your favorite neighborhood bar.

Best of all, they’re free!

You just pay for the pour. Brave the cold and warm your soul! Either build your own or ask the barkeep to give you a hand.

To help you get ready, here’s an excellent article on the history of the drink from Wonderland Kitchen Toddilicous!

Wisdom Book Club: Mortality

The Wisdom Book Club meets the last Sunday of each month (Sept. 30).  Stop by and enjoy a few cocktails while we discuss the book of the month!

This month’s book:


On June 8, 2010, while on a book tour for his bestselling memoir, Hitch-22, Christopher Hitchens was stricken in his New York hotel room with excruciating pain in his chest and thorax. As he would later write in the first of a series of award-winning columns for Vanity Fair, he suddenly found himself being deported “from the country of the well across the stark frontier that marks off the land of malady.” Over the next eighteen months, until his death in Houston on December 15, 2011, he wrote constantly and brilliantly on politics and culture, astonishing readers with his capacity for superior work even in extremis.

Throughout the course of his ordeal battling esophageal cancer, Hitchens adamantly and bravely refused the solace of religion, preferring to confront death with both eyes open. In this riveting account of his affliction, Hitchens poignantly describes the torments of illness, discusses its taboos, and explores how disease transforms experience and changes our relationship to the world around us. By turns personal and philosophical, Hitchens embraces the full panoply of human emotions as cancer invades his body and compels him to grapple with the enigma of death.

MORTALITY is the exemplary story of one man’s refusal to cower in the face of the unknown, as well as a searching look at the human predicament. Crisp and vivid, veined throughout with penetrating intelligence, Hitchens’s testament is a courageous and lucid work of literature, an affirmation of the dignity and worth of man.

Happy Reading!

For October: Cloud Atlas
For November: Unbroken


Rock on the Rocks

This  September we begin our “Rock on the Rocks” series at Wisdom.

Each Sunday at 7pm, our bartenders will whip up delicious custom cocktails to complement the films–all with a musical bent– being shown.

The schedule:

Sun. Sep. 9, Spinal Tap (featured drink, “11” $8 — Jameson shot with a Natty Boh back)

Sun. Sep. 16, Beats, Rhymes & Life (featured drink, “Sky Pager” $10 — Hendricks, Chambord, Cranberry and Tonic)


Sun. Sep. 23, The Filth and the Fury (featured drink, “Jacked Up” $10 — JD, Lairds, lemon)


Sun. Sep. 30, Singin’ In the Rain (featured drink, “Purple Rain,” $10 a gin-based house fave)

Veronique Beittel Knows Her Genever

Genever expert & Belgian Ex-pat, Veronique of Diep 9 gave us a fascinating history lesson on Genever (Gin’s Grand Daddy) at Wisdom a couple weeks ago at our very first Genever tasting.

What is Genever??? 

The 500 year old Belgian National liquor that has a flavor profile somewhere between Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey.

But enough out of us.  Check out these great videos below.

Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC – Part 1

Part 1 – Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC from adam schreck on Vimeo.

Part 1 not working? Click here to watch this video on Vimeo.

Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC – Part 2

Part 2 – Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC from adam schreck on Vimeo.

Part 2 not workings? Click here to watch this video on Vimeo

Super Bowl XLVI At Wisdom…More Than Just Beer And Pizza

Who says the Super Bowl has to be only about beer and pizza? Why not enjoy a cocktail too?

Join Wisdom for Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Not sure who’s playing? Neither are we! But that’s no reason not to throw back a few.

View the Super Bowl the way it was meant to be viewed…on our BLU-RAY PROJECTOR.

We will be whipping up our fresh, homemade chili that is worth the trip on its own merits.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of beer too.


Pitchers of Fat Tire & Affligem
Natty Boh

New Pound Menu at Wisdom

Wisdom has an exciting new food menu thanks to Pound (on the Hill).

Look forward to trying some of these great dishes while you are enjoying your cocktails!

Hummus and pita
8oz hummus, toasted pita

Pastrami melt Panini
Rye bread, Thousand Island dressing, spicy mustard, thinly sliced pastrami

Tuna melt Panini
Pumpernickel, hot and sweet relish, age provolone, tuna salad

Nutella, honey and banana Panini
Potato bread, Nutella, honey, banana

Mediterranean hummus wraps
Tortilla, homemade hummus, roasted fresh vegetables, sofriito tomato sauce


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