Gintender Makes Appearance in the Post

The Gintender’s mug just made an appearance in the Style section of the Washington Post.

At Wisdom, owned by mixologist Erik Holzherr, adventurous imbibers can enjoy the excellent absinthe service and selection.

The article also mentions the great absinthe selection and service at Wisdom.

Dan Searing: Wisdom is known for its absinthe selection and service. They also specialize in absinthe at Chinatown Coffee, believe it or not, and you’ll find good service at many craft-focused bars like PS 7’s (an absinthe fountain is a good clue but not a guarantee that they know what they’re doing).”

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Everyday Guide to Spirits and Cocktails: Gintender Feature

The Gintender

A new video by The Great Courses features yours truly (The Gintender) with insight into the world of mixology, spirits and traditions.  This video is a great way to get up to speed on the sipping of scotch, the mixing of gin and mixology essentials.

It’s also a great reference if you are interested in private mixology classes with The Gintender.

We highly suggest at least giving the preview a look!  Check out the link below for the preview video and a few great cocktail tips:

Special thanks to the folks at The Great Courses for putting together such a superb instructional video!

The GINtender: Liquor Deity

Photo by flickr user: reynolds.james.e

The GINtender was voted Mixologist of the Year by Modern Luxury (DC)!

“Erik Holzherr is like a liquor deity. His Atlas District eden, Church & State (1236 H St. NE, dcfruitbat.‌com)—decked in stained glass and church pews—pours
heavenly rebooted classics like a Sazerac with hibiscus liqueur. “I don’t think of myself as a provocateur, but I do take people out of their comfort zone with drinks and unique spaces that don’t follow a formula,” say Holzherr, who masterminded the tropical booze bungalow Fruit Bat, below C&S, and Capitol Hill’s absinthe-heavy Wisdom (1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, dcwisdom.‌com). He sends spirits soaring.”

Check out the full article.

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