New Winter Menu at The Bat

Fruit Bat’s Winter menu is finally here featuring a few hot beverages to keep you warm until summer!

Drop it like its Hot (Seasonal Hot Libations) $6

Hot BAToddy
Double Rye Whiskey, orange liqueur and your choice of hot tea (green, berry, or mint)

House made Ginger-Apple Cider with your choice of Cruzan flavored, classic sterling or spiced rum

Café Con…
Fresh brewed Spanish coffee with your choice: Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur or Amaretto Liqueur
Add a shot of whipped cream vodka for only $2
Organic, naturally decaffeinated Teechino available also!

Irish Coffee $8
Jameson’s Whiskey, Irish cream liqueur, hot, fresh brewed coffee and house made whipped cream


Spanish OR-G $7

Persimmon, Papaya, Mango, and Lime doin’ it in bubbly

House Infusion Cocktails-$8

Mexican Showdown
Tequila, cassis, habanero, lime

The Avele 
Samoan wonderfulness embodied in lavender-infused Svedka vodka

Black Sangria 
Blackberry wine, black cherry rum


House Caiprowska 
Vodka, muddled lime and burnt ginger syrup

Jamie got Jacked 
Jack Daniels whiskey and house-made maple and clove vermouth

Jamie’s Got a Gun
Jameson Irish Whiskey, cassis and cranberry