Veronique Beittel Knows Her Genever

Genever expert & Belgian Ex-pat, Veronique of Diep 9 gave us a fascinating history lesson on Genever (Gin’s Grand Daddy) at Wisdom a couple weeks ago at our very first Genever tasting.

What is Genever??? 

The 500 year old Belgian National liquor that has a flavor profile somewhere between Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey.

But enough out of us.  Check out these great videos below.

Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC – Part 1

Part 1 – Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC from adam schreck on Vimeo.

Part 1 not working? Click here to watch this video on Vimeo.

Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC – Part 2

Part 2 – Diep 9 Genever Tasting at Wisdom DC from adam schreck on Vimeo.

Part 2 not workings? Click here to watch this video on Vimeo

Super Bowl XLVI At Wisdom…More Than Just Beer And Pizza

Who says the Super Bowl has to be only about beer and pizza? Why not enjoy a cocktail too?

Join Wisdom for Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Not sure who’s playing? Neither are we! But that’s no reason not to throw back a few.

View the Super Bowl the way it was meant to be viewed…on our BLU-RAY PROJECTOR.

We will be whipping up our fresh, homemade chili that is worth the trip on its own merits.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of beer too.


Pitchers of Fat Tire & Affligem
Natty Boh

FREE DC Brau Tasting at Wisdom

Come try the local taste of DC at Wisdom as they offer a rare FREE beer tasting TONIGHT, Jan. 19th.

Not only will we be serving up FREE locally brewed DC Brau, but you will also have the chance to meet the Brau’s brew master who will be making a guest appearance.

This won’t just be the DC Brau you’ve seen on the shelves at a number of Capitol Hill and D.C. bars. Wisdom will be passing out DC Brau’s full line of beers.

There will also be beers on special throughout the night.


Gintender Makes Appearance in the Post

The Gintender’s mug just made an appearance in the Style section of the Washington Post.

At Wisdom, owned by mixologist Erik Holzherr, adventurous imbibers can enjoy the excellent absinthe service and selection.

The article also mentions the great absinthe selection and service at Wisdom.

Dan Searing: Wisdom is known for its absinthe selection and service. They also specialize in absinthe at Chinatown Coffee, believe it or not, and you’ll find good service at many craft-focused bars like PS 7’s (an absinthe fountain is a good clue but not a guarantee that they know what they’re doing).”

Thanks to all those working at

Holiday Parties With The Gintender


The Gintender is, for a limited time only, opening up the bars to host holiday parties throughout the season.

Wisdom, Fruit Bat and Church & State are great venues to hold an office Christmas party or holiday get together.  You can rent out the entire bar for a few hours, a night, or just reserve space for you and your friends.

What could be better than having a holiday party at one of the Gintender’s bars?  HAVING THE GINTENDER CATER A PARTY AT YOUR OWN HOME OR OFFICE!!  We are just starting a new catering business and we’d love for you to be our first customer!  Don’t worry, we bring PLENTY of booze.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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The GINtender: Liquor Deity

Photo by flickr user: reynolds.james.e

The GINtender was voted Mixologist of the Year by Modern Luxury (DC)!

“Erik Holzherr is like a liquor deity. His Atlas District eden, Church & State (1236 H St. NE, dcfruitbat.‌com)—decked in stained glass and church pews—pours
heavenly rebooted classics like a Sazerac with hibiscus liqueur. “I don’t think of myself as a provocateur, but I do take people out of their comfort zone with drinks and unique spaces that don’t follow a formula,” say Holzherr, who masterminded the tropical booze bungalow Fruit Bat, below C&S, and Capitol Hill’s absinthe-heavy Wisdom (1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, dcwisdom.‌com). He sends spirits soaring.”

Check out the full article.

Home Bar Essentials

Below, the Gintender has compiled a list of home bar essentials.  If you’ve taken one of the mixology classes at Wisdom or Church & State, this list should be familiar to you!

Photo by flickr user: miamism

Essential Base spirits:

1. Vodka — Smirnoff
2. Gin — Beefeater
3. Rum — Bacardi
4. Whiskey — Blantons
5. Triple sec
6. Tequila (100% agave)
7. Dry Vermouth — Noilly Pratt
8. Sweet Vermouth — Dolin
9. Bitters (angostura & orange)

**Additional mixing ingredients**

Liqueurs (fruit & herbal)


Hawthorn strainer
Knife/cutting board
Citrus juicer
Fine mesh strainer

General rules:

1. Too much alcohol destroys a cocktail
2. Too much sweetness destroys a cocktail
3. Seek balance


Between The Sheets
Corpse Revivor #2
Kir Royale (You can substitute Chambord)
Negroni (I prefer more gin and less Campari)
Ramos Gin Fizz
Petit Zinc
Gin Fizz vs Tom Collins vs Ricky

Internet resources

**Have a question and would like to share some advice?  Post a comment below or email the Gintender at**

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