Our very own Josh Berner has rolled up his sleeves and tossed his hat in the ring for the Washingtonian annual Artini 2011 contest. You may recall a black horse candidate named Erik Holzherr that snuck past all the other contestants for a big win last year with his beloved “Tortoise and the Bear” martini, a favorite at Wisdom (and still available if you’d like to swing by and try it). Now, Josh with his own established style is trying to keep in the tradition of winning with his delicious “B Cup.” Inspired by Kiki Smith’s provocative Breast Jar sculpture, this drink is sweet, complex and naughty much like the piece of art that evoked Berner’s creativity with this piece. Complete with Zubrowka bison grass vodka, previously featured on www.Gintender.com, Berner’s very own home made vermouth, Cointreau, apple juice, bitters and a round ice ball, informed by the sculptures ’roundness’ – this drink is a winner. At this point I’m going to avoid a turning of phrases like “you’ll be grasping for more”, “you’ll wanna cup one of these all night”, or “suckling on a B Cup will never be the same” – but it’s truly unavoidable. Watch Josh make his soon-to-be-prize-winner below then go vote!


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